We often found ourselves saying, "If ONLY there were an app that told us what was happening around me RIGHT now" . It comes down to making a connection. We see the missing link between small businesses and the customers who love them. So... why ECHO? Because we help you find your way.

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Why Use ECHOLokal?


Know Your Area

Know your Area Keep your finger on the pulse of what is happening Right Now in the area around you. Stay aware and stay flexible. An opportunity can show itself quickly! Now business have the ability to harness the power of instant customer engagement!


Create Connections

Make Connections Businesses know their customers and their community better than some third party marketing agency. Only they know what their patron want and when they want it. Connect with your community in your own unique way!


Be Creative

Be Creative Echo is not just another platform for financial deals. No, it is so much MORE! Echo is a blank canvas for expression and awareness. Communicate where, how and to Whom you want to be seen by. Get Creative and HAVE FUN!


How It Works

SMALL BUSINESSES now have the ability to take advantage of opportunity immediately and broadcast out to potential customers around them. By optimizing three major concepts: TIMING, LOCATION and INCENTIVE, small businesses are now in control of their influence in their local community. See an opportunity? Send out and ECHO! Now you are in control! CUSTOMERS benefit by always "in the know" of their surroundings. Find the best deals, enhance your experiences, never miss out. Whether you are traveling to a new place or in your hometown, now you are the local expert!


About us

In today’s complicated world, a small business endures constant environmental, financial and communication challenges. With few ways to fight back to the world around them on an hour by hour and day by day basis, it is difficult for that small business to gain a competitive advantage. It is no mystery that the past year has been devasting for small businesses. That’s where Echo comes in. Echo’s team comes from a background of friends and family in the service, hospitality and tourism industry which has been hit hardest. We have a passion for helping the local owner manage their marketing and promotions in real time and with the customers immediately around them. Our platform encourages consumers to find new places whether they are the self-appointed local expert or the newest person into town. Grassroots born, locally empowered and vision focused, Echo puts the right consumer directly into the right business.


Our cofounders

Kevin Pelletier

Extreme athlete. Thrill seeker. Army Officer. World Traveler. This guy has enough energy to fill the the whole house. Kevin is originally from Western Maryland. He completed his undergrad at Virginia Military Institute and is a current MBA student at University of Colorado. A former Army Ranger, Kevin has thrived in the most arduous and demanding environments. Through multiple deployments and personal travel, he has trekked his way around the globe for both work and play. Mountaineering, BASE jumping, heli-skiing and sky diving are just some of the past times that he enjoys. Kevin is a force that cannot be stopped, and ECHO thrives on his tenacity every day.

Steve Sharp

Steve Sharp, Co-Founder and CMO/CTO, originally from the woods of New York. Steve manages the development efforts for ECHO, focusing on strong growth strategies for both small businesses and consumers. Having graduated from the US Merchant Marine Academy, Steve served in the US Coast Guard for 5 years as an Operations Officer. From Deepwater Horizon Incident response to lifesaving efforts at sea, Steve honed his unique talents to be calm under pressure and tactically focused. Following his service in the Coast Guard, Steve spent 5 years in offshore Oil and Gas before landing in Colorado Springs to focus on ECHO full time. An avid runner, mountain biker and all-around athlete, Steve finds himself exploring the best parts of Colorado whenever given the chance.

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